Our history


The founder of the business is Mr. Rangsun Sabaimuang, He has been running the rice mill since 1988.

He started his rice mill business when he bought a 6-ton-per-day capacity rice mill.



Ever since, the productivity of the rice mill has been continually expanding; until 1995, when the production of the rice mill was increased to 250 tons per day and in 1995 the rice mill applied for registration as a company by the name of Rongsi Sanun Muang Co., Ltd. During that time, the Company had been continually improving on the operating efficiency of the machinery to the extent that the production increased to more than 320 tons per day. Later on, the rice drying machine of 600 tons capacity per day was added. Having been located in a suitable area, it is able to buy rice all year round.



Mr. Rangsun then decided to expand his business by constructing another rice mill with 500 tons per day capacity with a capital investment of over 300 million Baht. The Company’s total rice production therefore increases to about 820 tons per day. For the fact that Mr. Rangsun has been in rice mill business for more than 20 years, he was then mulling expansion of the rice market abroad. To realize his vision, he therefore, in 2005, founded a company by the name of Kamphaengphet Export.Co., Ltd to export both white rice and parboiled rice of every grade. The company’s customers are from America, Europe, the Middle East and South Africa, etc.



The operating efficiency of the machine used in the rice mill is most up-to-date for rice production and export to maximum effectiveness to ensure customer confidence in terms of the quality and service.

The Company was accredited with the GMP standard certification in 2006.



The company has been entrusted by both domestic and international clients for more than three decades. 

We, Kamphaengphet Export Co.,Ltd, 
Strikes to be a leader in the production and transportation of the best quality rice " KE Rice " Where Rice begins.

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