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New bids eat at inedible rice stockpile (Bangkok Post, 16 Jun 2017)
Around 2.1 million tonnes of inedible rice stored by the state were expected to be sold in the latest bidding held yesterday by the Ministry of Commerce, leaving only a small amount of poor quality grade grain in the government stockpile to be put on sale next month. Keerati Rushchano, deputy director-general of the Commerce Ministry's Department of Foreign Trade, said local traders had offered to buy...
15 bidders for 2.07m tonnes of inedible state rice stocks (Bangkok Post, 24 Mar 2017)
Fifteen bidders have proposed to a combined 2.07 million tonnes of inedible state rice stocks, which comprise 56% of the total 3.66 million tonnes of the grain unfit for human consumption put up for auction...
Govt to sell 8m tonnes from rice stocks this year article
The government plans to sell 8 million tonnes of white rice inventory within this year, Wiboonlasana Ruamraksa, permanent secretary at the Commerce Ministry, said on Wednesday after a meeting of the National Rice Policy Committee. The inventory is part of rice stocks of 18 million tonnes accumulated from the rice subsidy scheme implemented by previous governments.
Rice exports could slip (Bangkok Post, 3 Feb 2017)
Thai rice exports are expected to drop by 3.8% in volume this year, with export prices likely to stay relatively low because of higher global supply and stiffer competition. The Thai Rice Exporters Association said shipments should reach 9.5 million tonnes this year, fetching US$4.3 billion or
Govt plans to clear rice stocks in H1 (The Nation, 3 Feb 2017)
THE GOVERNMENT expects to be able to clear out its entire rice stockpile of 8.01 million in the first half of this year, beginning with a big lot of 2.87 million tonnes of rice suitable for consumption put up for auction on February 16. The remaining 5.2 million tonnes
Second-crop rice farmers encouraged to diversify (Bangkok Post, 19 Jan 2017)
The government aims to cut rice production to 27.2 million tonnes of paddy from an average of 33 million tonnes a year, shrinking the rice plantation area to 60.6 million rai from 68 million as part of...
Sticky rice subsidized (Bangkok Post, 19 Nov 2016)
The government yesterday approved another subsidy programme to help raise glutinous rice prices for farmers to 13,000 baht a tonne, on a par with hom mali paddy prices approved earlier this week. According to Commerce Minister Apiradi Tantraporn, the programme approved by the national rice policy committee chaired by Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha aims...
Rice farmers urge haste on storage scheme (Bangkok Post, 28 Oct 2016)
The government is being urged to speed up the implementation of measures to curb a sharp fall in price of Thai Hom Mali rice, particularly this year's pledging scheme for farmers with their own rice barns...
Ministry urges exporters to buy more jasmine rice to push up price (Thai PBS, 21 Oct 2016)
The Ministry of Commerce is seeking cooperation from exporters to buy more jasmine rice from to shore up price above 11,700 baht per tonne as more supplies are expected in the upcoming new harvest season. Commerce minister Mrs Apiradee Tantaporn said she would ask exporters to buy rice in order to keep the rice prices above 11,700 baht per ton as now rice from the latest harvest was gradually entering the market. She will also talk to the Bank for Agriculture
State clears B 7.2 bn rice stock sale (Bangkok Post, 8 Sep 2016)
The government yesterday approved the sale of 755,000 tonnes of rice stocks to 11 winning bidders for a combined 7.2 billion baht. According to Duangporn Rodphaya, director-general of the Foreign Trade...
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