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Govt to sell 8m tonnes from rice stocks this year article
The government plans to sell 8 million tonnes of white rice inventory within this year, Wiboonlasana Ruamraksa, permanent secretary at the Commerce Ministry, said on Wednesday after a meeting of the National Rice Policy Committee. The inventory is part of rice stocks of 18 million tonnes accumulated from the rice subsidy scheme implemented by previous governments. The 8 million tonnes comprise three grades of rice: 3 million tonnes food grade; 3.66 million tonnes industrial-use grade; and a million ton of rotten rice, which can be used only for alcohol production. Last month, the Commerce Ministry put up 1.3 million tonnes of food-grade rice for auction and another 1.5 million tonnes will be put up for auction in May. Nineteen traders are participating in the auction for industrial-use grade rice, she said.


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Kingdom eyes five-nation rice trade cooperation. [Apr 15, 2012]
Rice exports improving in March on sales to Nigeria. [Mar 23, 2012]
Thailand inks MoU on selling 1 mln tonnes of rice annually to Bangladesh. [Mar 16, 2012]
Govt to hold back rice exports. [Mar 2, 2012]
Indian rice exports taking toll. [Feb 13, 2012]
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Ministry in hunt for missing rice; Shortfall in mortgage scheme draws adit. [Jan 6, 2012] article
Rice, utility prices to rise this year. [Jan 5, 2012]
BAAC, CP to help farmers lift output. [Dec 2, 2011]
Low-calibre rice going up for bid to feed meal makers. [Nov 28, 2011] article
Rice-pledging: 'Huge loss' on the cards. [Nov 16, 2011]
Thai crisis to be factor in 2012 drop in rice-trade: FAO. [Nov 14, 2011]
Direct rice dealing possible; Farmers seek to avoid red tape. [Nov 8, 2011]
Flooding in Thailand paralysis rice trade.[30oct2011]
Hasty pledging questioned. [Sep 5, 2011]
Thai export rice price to exceed $700 per ton, Yanyong says. [Sep 2, 2011]
Farmers urged to focus on white rice. [Aug 1, 2011]
Price pledging policy will create distortion in market. [Aug 1, 2011]
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Exporters worried about baht policy. [Jul 9, 2011]
Rice traders await clarity on PT policy. [Jul 5, 2011]
Record volume of 14 M tonnes seen this year. [Jun 22, 2011]
Election set to see rice prices leap. [Jun 21, 2011]
To pledge or guarantee? [May 18, 2011]
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New deal may spur market. [Apr 5, 2011]
Thailand planning fewer rice harvests in pest fight means drop in exports. [Mar 24, 2011]
Cabinet approves B200m assistance for Japan. [Mar 15, 2011]
Rice farmers against new price guarantee schem. [Mar 9, 2011]
Hong Kong remains major importer of Hom Mali fragrant rice. [Feb 22, 2011]
Commerce ministry dismisses bagged rice price hike. [Feb 18, 2011]
Weaker dong a challenge. [Feb 12, 2011]
Rice panel rejects B30 bn buy. [Feb 1, 2011]
Road shows scheduled in potential new rice markets. [Jan 20, 2011]
Rice exports to get a boost this year. [Jan 8, 2011]
CP rice business goes to the source; Farming ventures test new techniques. [Jan 3, 2011]
Strong baht hits appetite for Thai rice.[DEC,14 2010]
Jasmine rice task force heads for Hong Kong. [Dec 13, 2010]
Rice prices may gain as Thailand cuts crop outlook. [Nov 24, 2010]
Rice harvest could be down 20%.(NOV 17,2010) article
First price index for rice industry launched.(NOV 17, 2010) article
Cabinet tries to stop sale of rice stockpile. (Nov 4 ,2010)
Thai floods kill 68, destroy crops, threaten economic growth. Nov 3, 2010 article
Worry over flood impact on crops.Oct 22,2010
Thai rice exports hang on baht, India. Oct 14, 2010
Commerce Ministry pressured over rice deal as harvest nears. [Oct 8, 2010]
Thai rice pays the price for high cost. [Sep 21, 2010]
Thai rice may gain about 10% on demand, Apichart says. [SEP 8 2010]
Rice prices pick up as demand improves. [Aug 23 , 2010]
Thai agri exports immune to dong devaluation.
Asean rice firm plan to be dusted off.
Commerce ministry to export stockpiled rice to foreign markets.
Price pressure compels many exporters to slash stocks. [Jul 12, 2010]
Kasikorn Research Center: Thai rice exports on decline. [Jul 7, 2010]
Commerce told to gradually release rice stocks.
Rice supply to be increased next month.
Drought-hit farmers asked to delay sowing crops.
Rice sales get green light.
Govt plans paddy production hike.
Govt agrees to more rice purchase units.
New guarantee scheme expected to boost rice price.
Rice plans fall victim to rallies.
Commerce plans to increase paddy price; B200 jump per tonne to appease farmers. article
Rice 'reference price' lowered to protect farm.
Fresh approach needed for rice management.
Commerce Ministry to move crop in the market.
Strong baht could mar rice exports.
Govt to implement rice pledging scheme and price guarantee measures simultaneously. article
Retailers told to trim rice prices.[Dec 8, 2009] article
Paddy prices may go up. [Nov 6, 2009] article
Govt asked to do more to protect local rice industry after Afta takes effect. article
Bidding to open for white rice. article
Guarantee prices of maize, cassava, paddy rice finalised on Thurs. [Aug 27, 2009]
Farmers association wants guaranteed rice price soon. article
Thailand : Weekly Rice Price Update. [Jul 14, 2009] article
Thailand : Weekly Rice Price Update. [Jun 30, 2009] article
Rice exporters relieved by Indian delay. article
Commerce ministry to fine-tune rice price guarantee scheme. article
Asia rice-Thai prices bounce on govt stocks sale delay. article
Govt to regulate rice imports. article
Vietnam, Thailand cooperate in rice production, exports.
Rice-quality rules urged.
Thai rice prospect for 2008-2009 in the eyes of Sumeth Laomoraporn (04 Nov 2008)
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Thailand : Weekly Rice Price Update. [Feb 3, 2009]
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Rice specification

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